Model Agency Showcase FAQ


I live out of state. Can I still participate?


 Yes. This will be a virtual event so all participants are welcome to join upon approval. 


Is this a Modeling Agency? 


No, currently we offer education and creative services. We will be launching a Mother Agency in the near future.


What will I need to wear?


We recommend that you wear Model Basics. 

Model Basics: black, white, or nude colored tank top or T-shirt. Black pants, leggings, or denim jeans. Hair: should naturally fall or be pulled back out of your face to show off your features. Minimal makeup as shown here. 


This dress code pertains to all genders. 


What will I need to prepare for the showcase? 


We ask that you join us for Tech Check on January 5th. Please schedule your Tech Check here https://calendly.com/info-28325/tech-checks. During this time we will help you prepare for the showcase. 


You will need: a phone, tripod, ample lighting, internet connection and a quiet space.

If I don’t get signed, how is this showcase beneficial for me?


You can't make shots you don't take. While this event does not guarantee you agency placement it does give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with 20+ reputable agents over the course of two days.



Fashion Show (Fashion Week Event) FAQ




Is this a Modeling Agency? 


No, currently we offer education and creative services. We will be launching a Mother Agency in the near future. 


What is a Mother Agency? 


Normally, a mother agency is the first agency you begin working with when you start your modeling career. A mother agent can also be a scout that discovered you and helped you get your start. A mother agency will help you learn the industry and start building your modeling portfolio or "book."


Do you find work for models? 


We try (but no guarantees) oftentimes brands and designers will come to us to book models. Naturally we submit models from our shows and shoots to any casting calls that come our way.


How do I know if I’ve been accepted? 


We will notify you via email or text on the status of your application. 


Do I get runway photos? 




How do I sell tickets? 


Once you've been accepted we'll provide you with a ticket link. 


Here is a step by step video demo on how to use a Ticket Code: 




I live out of state. Can I still participate? 


Yes. We do not cover travel. Additionally guests that purchase tickets from you can tune in through our live stream of the show from anywhere in the world.


Where is the fashion show? 


Los Angeles Convention Center


How many times am I walking down the runway? 


Every model is guaranteed one designer / one look. 


Who am I walking for? 


Designers will select their models closer to the show. 


What is my exact showtime? 


We will assign you to an exact showtime as we get closer to the show.


Is this a scam?

NO. We work off of reputation and we take our business very seriously. Some of the takeaways from participating are: runway photos, runway coaching, fashion show video, networking with designers, walking the red carpet, and more. Visit our about page to learn more.

Why do I have to sell tickets?

Selling 8 tickets covers your participation making this experience FREE to you. If you prefer not to sell tickets you can simply request to cover the cost instead. Please be prepared to buy or cover any tickets you do not sell in time. We offer both in-person and virtual tickets.


What time do doors open for guests?

Doors open at 11:30 AM. The first show will start at 12:00 PM. 

What time is the model check-in? 

Models must arrive 2 ½ hours prior to showtime. 


What time is the designer check-in? 

Designers must arrive 3 hours prior to their showtime. 


Do models get a +1?  



Do designers get a +1?

Every designer is allowed to bring up to 2 helpers with them backstage. 

Is hair and make-up provided? 

During this time health and safety is our top priority. With this in mind we ask our models to arrive camera ready. This helps us limit personal contact as well as the number of people we have backstage. We will have a small glam team on site for touch ups. 


Is this an all-ages event?


We do not recommend this event for babies or toddlers. No strollers near the stage and no lapping in seats. All ages are welcome.

Can my Photographer come? 

Yes, Photographers are allowed with ticket entry. (If the Photographer is well known and has a following, they are allowed free entry upon connecting with us).

When will we get our runway pictures and videos?

Please allow 7-14 business days from the fashion show weekend, to receive your runway photos and videos. 

Will there be food provided?

LACC does not allow outside food or drink inside of the building, food will not be provided. Please eat before arriving. Water available on site.

Can my parents accompany me backstage? 

If the participating model is under the age of 18, (1) parent or guardian will be allowed to accompany the model backstage.

Will models be able to drink at the bar before the show? 


No. Please do not arrive intoxicated. 


You will not be able to participate if we feel that you are under the influence at check in our backstage. 


Additionally tickets are non-refundable. Please do not arrive intoxicated. You are welcome to visit the bar after you are done with your Fashion Show, please drink responsibly. 


How can I become a vendor at the show? 

Email info@themodelexperience.net


How can I sell tickets if I’m not from LA?

We offer a live stream version of the show, so you would be able to watch our show virtually anywhere. And you will receive the link to watch the show on March 2nd. 


COVID Protocols


  • Health and Safety is our top priority

  • Guests must provide proof of vaccine or a negative test result

  • Models, Designers, and Staff must test on site and provide a negative test result at check in

  • Guests must wear masks indoors except when eating / drinking 

  • Models will not wear masks on stage ​